Who we are

Feed the Mass is a nonprofit cooking education organization (501c3) based in Portland, Oregon, with a goal of bringing people together. We promote healthy eating and inclusion and strive to inspire everyone to cook meals from scratch. We are the only nonprofit cooking school in Portland.

We offer affordable cooking classes to the community because we believe food education and empowerment are crucial. We engage the community to give back so that people from all cultures and backgrounds can come together.

Our Mission

Empower through Food.

Our Core Values

We encourage people to come out of their comfort zone by trying a new recipe or cooking for the first time. We show them how by empowering them with the right skills and tools so that they feel a sense of accomplishment. We hope that by inspiring them, they will pass this feeling along to friends and family, and meet new people.

Promote Inclusion
We welcome individuals from all cultures and backgrounds. We want to include and empower children, parents, students and seniors; friends, family and neighbors. Cooking should be a fun experience that helps break down barriers and helps people appreciate both the similarities and differences through sharing food around the table.

Encourage Healthy Eating
We instill the importance of knowing exactly what is on your plate. We focus on simple, basic, raw ingredients and hope to minimize—if not end—the reliance on processed and prepared foods. We support all diets and believe cooking from scratch can help people create healthy, high-quality meals.

"Feed the Mass was created in 2016. I started teaching children how to cook and bake simple yet healthy food at their parents’ request. Quickly the word got out and I was teaching my first Little Chef Class. 

One day I heard the story of Jesus and the miracle of feeding the masses with 5 fish and 2 loaves of bread. The story wasn’t that he multiplied the food, but that if people shared the little they had it would always be enough. To feed the mass you need to teach people to feed each other.

This is where the name Feed the Mass comes from. My goal is to teach people that we take care of each other through food and cooking. Food connects every person in the world. I want to use it to create a community that is inclusive, diverse, and accessible to everyone." 

Jacobsen Valentine, Founder & Executive Director

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Our Founding Story

Our team

Jacobsen Valentine - Executive Director

With over a decade of Culinary Experience and leadership, Jacob's aim is to empower everyone with the ability to maintain a healthy diet while still being delicious on a budget.  He wants to equip others with innovation in the kitchen, much like his family did for him as a child.

Angelique Devaux - Communications

After working for 7 years in direct marketing and fundraising for non-profits, Angelique joined Feed the Mass. 

Miho Hatanaka - Instructor

Miho is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Mind Body Eating Coach. She works with people with stress and emotional eating habits who are not feeling comfortable in their own skin.

Tiara West - Chef Instructor

Born and raised in Southern California, Chef Tiara moved to Portland to further her career and passion in culinary arts. Two years later, she started her own company, Meal Prep Champs, a Ready-to-Eat meal delivery service.

Martina Niles- Nutrition Director

Holder of a Functional Nutrition degree approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, her personal interest in health and wellness has fueled a passion to help others in pursuit of their own wellbeing.

Alec Sobotka - Chef instructor

A graduate of WSU, Alec has spent the last 10 years bouncing around the hospitality industry and developing his culinary skills in the Pacific NW. He loves Thai cuisine and is constantly experimenting with different flavors.

Julia Markova - Chef instructor

Chef and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach®. Julia is a global citizen and an avid traveler. In her cooking classes, she loves to combine unique flavors introducing people to dishes from the countries she has lived in and traveled.

Constance James - Chef Instructor

Constance is a pastry chef from Wyoming. She creates flavorful desserts and savory dishes 100% plant-based. Constance's favorite pastime is converting favorite omnivorous dishes into vegan delights.  

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